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2 min readSep 12, 2021

Hello, and welcome back to Noah’s Table Talk…Well, actually I didn’t have this before…damn…

Anyways, I just wanted to give a quick update on how I’m doing, what I’m doing, and what I plan to do. I know only one or two people read it, but hey, it’s still being read. I just wanted to let my mind out, so let’s get to it.


I have not been touching this a lot. Mainly due to demotivation, not in a mood, no story ideas, studies, and stress. ‘soldier game’ was set out to be finished by this month, so I can move on to write about other fics. It didn’t happen.

Well, I might have to ditch the ‘weekly update’ and do a ‘whenever I can update I will’ kinda thing. I like consistency and scheduled releases, but man has life been busy and shitty for me. H a h a. I just hope not to go to that.


They’re coming, I think. I just posted FH4 the other day, and actually I have (I think) two ideas that I haven’t expanded on. I don’t know if Imma finish them or not, but hopefully I do. You might have to wait quite long though.


My god, I haven’t touched them in a long time, especially the latter. Well, nothin’ interesting honestly. Probably when John Wick 4 trailer comes out next year, then I’ll do a MTA. For YKWIH, I don’t really have anything to write too. My life may be ass, but I think I’m already used to it. Probably.


I have a YouTube channel going on, updated quite frequently. Gameplays of mainly Love Live All Stars, and probably other content next time if I ever have the time. Like I said in my previous announcement, I might do a live-version of my reviews, so the YouTube channel is for that purpose too. I hope you could check it out. (Subscribe too, it’s free)

And uhh, lord and behold, I’m writing lyrics for songs now. This is a new hobby inspired by some of my favorite artists while they sing depressed, emo songs, because frankly I vibe with it and I’m feeling a lil down with my life. I did write some before, but it either wasn’t finished or I wasn’t satisfied with it. This time, I will try. Hopefully I don’t give up within a week. Will I release an album with my lyrics and vocals? Maybe. Will I release an album with my lyrics and other people’s vocals? Also maybe. Will I not release anything at all? Possibly. A lot of possibilities. Beats not by me though, so I’ll probably have to buy them myself.

Anyways, short update, just wanna let you know the general stuff. I’ll probably see you in December for the Christmas review XD.




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